(Extract from his Introduction)


"Up until about 10 minutes ago
I thought that the depths of my Joy Division/New Order obsession
were untouched/unmatched. Then I looked through this book.
Ah boy, I'm beaten. And in awe...

See, when I was growing up in suburban Connecticut
I was head over heels obsessed with Joy Division and New Order from afar.
From very afar. A few thousand miles afar...


It never dawned on me that the form of someone else's obsession
could be to follow the band and intimately document their touring.
In my mind New Order were gods, and gods didn't tour.
Gods didn't soundcheck. Gods didn't yell obscenities from the stage.
It never dawned on me that New Order would deign to do mortal things
like tour and do soundchecks, and that if they did pretend to mortality
that they would let someone document them in the process.
So this book is a revelation...

(New Order) are not gods. Not even demigods.
Although, I'll be honest, I don't actually believe that.
I've had very human experiences with New Order,
but in the back of my mind I still believe
that they're just pretending to not be demigods...

If you didn't know the music you could think from the pictures
that New Order were a nerdy pub band,
playing student unions and dodgy rock clubs.
What makes the pictures and other documents from this period so remarkable
is that they're, on the surface, so unremarkable.
A normal band doing and saying normal things.
But I know that wasn't the case, as there's nothing normal about New Order,
as much as they pretend otherwise...

So I appreciate the documentation in this book.
I appreciate the photos and transcripts and set lists.
I appreciate that New Order did normal things as done by normal touring bands.
But I know otherwise. They were never normal. The music makes that clear... "


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