Peter Hook

(Extract from his Foreword)From Heaven to Heaven


" ... I'm carrying Dec's book and I've dropped it. It's split my plastic bag and now I'm cursing him! 'BASTARD DEC!'... I wrestle the bloody thing back in the bag but at one point IT ESCAPES AGAIN!! It falls open... 'YOU FECKER!'... but I stop and look down... it's a picture of Twinny! Much younger! Packing a flight case with 'Joy Division' on it, weird to see! I'm intrigued... it truly is SURREAL! So weird to hear the diary details, the details of the tapes, the details of the gigs, hear the things we said and did all those years ago!... So much I'd completely forgotten. I'm completely engrossed. It brings back a lot of feelings I didn't expect - of kinship, a shared experience, us against the world!... I can't put it down, reliving the japes... so long ago, now I wish I had relished it more! I really do! 'Aaaah' I sigh... We didn't know what it was going to lead to, how important Joy Division would be, or Factory, the Hacienda or New Order... the  pictures are great too... Then I look up at the clock, shit I'm late... "

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