Stephen Morris


(Extract from his Foreword)From Heaven to Heaven. Stephen Morris



"I was in that band (that's me at the back, either hiding behind the drums or lurking behind a keyboard) and I get to feature in these memories - sometimes playing pinball, sometimes doing a soundcheck and sometimes just being drunk and foolish... I remember Dec and Viv of course. They were always there (in a good way) in those early days of New Order as much a part of the team as Rob, Oz, Di, Ed, Terry, Corky, Twinny and Dave... Those piles of cassettes and snaps that got amassed, named, numbered and filed are now The Evidence of what actually took place in those hurly-burly, early days... Listening to those tapes now is to be reminded of what a great band we were live, ramshackle gear that broke down every five minutes not withstanding. More often than not we pulled it off... "

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